First move to better skin

Oxidation is a type of damage that occurs when molecules lose electrons. Once this occurs themolecule is then referred to as a free radical and can attach to or destroy anything in its vicinity. This can occur by indoor and outdoor UV sources plus chemically.

Five antioxidants found naturally in the body that protect against cellular damage are: glutathione(a peptide), ubiquinone(co-enzyme q-10), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), alpha tocopherol (vitamin E), and alpha lipoic acid. Also, there are many plant derived anti-oxidants that we use to exponentially enhace the effectiveness of our product line (resveratrol, cyanidin, tocotrienol, EGCG just to name a few). Anti-oxidants inhibit and “neutralize” the free radical before damage can be done to the surrounding skin cells. Less damage means more fluidity, less creasing(less wrinkles) and less visible aging.

How Bad are Free Radicals?

Hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, sun spots, un-youthfulness and cancer are all caused by free radical damage. The body can fight these aggressors on its own but the effects show up as aging. Employing an anti-oxidant regimen will assist your body and block the damage of these harmful free radicals. Since blocking and mitigating free radicals are the number one priority to have better looking and truly healthy skin, Flaunt Medica has a designed a complete line of free redical neutralizing serums, skin-lightening, plus hyper-pigmentation countering products.

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Did You Know?

Flaunt Medica’s formulated topical antioxidants have been shown to provide internal protection from UV induced skin-damaging free radicals. Also our detailed and specific regimens reduce hyperpigmentation, synthesize collagen and provide younger looking and healthier skin guaranteed.


First Move to Better Skin

Exfoliation is the most overlooked step to achieving healthier skin. Dead outer layers build up and create a dull, life-less look to your skin. Exfoliation removes old layers and allows topically applied nutritive skin care products to penetrate dermal layers increasing health and visibly lessening the signs of aging. Our exfoliation products are tailored to meet each customers unique needs. Never overly harsh or irritating, you can trust your skin to Flaunt Medica


Launch Pad to Healthy Skin

A proper cleansing regimen is integral to brighter, healthy, more youthful skin. Sebum, a mixture of waxes and oils secreted by your skin, can build up and collect environmental toxins. When struck by UV rays, free radicals will form and break down the skins cellular matrix causing a loss of elasticity and make your skin look old. Flaunt Medicas line of skin appropriate cleansers reverse and block this trend.

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Stop Acne Before it Begins

Blemish Control and Prevention

Full functioning skin, without excess oil, has less chance for the formation of acne due to clean sebaceous glands. Flaunt Medica’s line of cleansers and anti-acne products reduce, cure and prevent blemishes. *Pore Refiners – Shrink enlarged pores *Acne Cleansers – Strong fast acting acne removers, with great hydration to minimize irritation. *Mild Acne Preventers – Stop acne before it begins, mild formula for reduced chance of irritation.